A   diagnosis   of   arthritis   is   the   first   step   toward   arthritis   treatment.   In   addition   to   arthritis   symptoms   and   a   doctor's   examination,   blood tests   and   X-rays   are   commonly   used   to   confirm   rheumatoid   arthritis.   Most   people   with   rheumatoid   arthritis   have   antibodies   called rheumatoid factors (RF) in their blood, although RF may also be present in other disorders. X-rays   are   used   to   diagnose   osteoarthritis,   typically   revealing   a   loss   of   cartilage,   bony   spurs,   and   bone   rubbing   against   bone. Sometimes   blood   tests   and   joint   aspiration   (using   a   needle   to   draw   a   small   sample   of   fluid   from   the   joint   for   testing)   are   used   to rule out other types of arthritis. Treatment   of   arthritis   generally   includes   occupational   or   physical   therapy   -   osteopathy,   exercise,   drugs,   and   sometimes   surgery   to correct   joint   damage.   Treatments   for   osteoarthritis   generally   can   help   relieve   pain   and   stiffness,   but   the   condition   may   continue to   progress.   The   same   was   true   for   rheumatoid   arthritis   in   the   past.   But   newer   treatments   for   rheumatoid   arthritis   have   been   able   to slow or stop progression of arthritis damage. The duration and intensity of pain and discomfort depend on the type of arthritis you have and the degree of severity. Learning   to   protect   your   joints   is   an   important   part   of   arthritis   treatment.   You   can   learn   easier   ways   to   do   your   normal   activities, such   as   avoiding   positions   that   strain   your   joints;   using   your   strongest   joints   and   muscles   while   sparing   weaker   ones;   wearing braces   or   supports   for   certain   joints;   using   grab   bars   in   the   bath;   using   modified   doorknobs,   canes,   or   walkers;   and   using   devices to help you with tasks such as opening jars or pulling up socks and zippers.
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