You   may   have   had   a   minor   groin   problem   at   one   time   or   another.   Most   of   the   time,   our   body   movements   do   not   cause   problems. It's not surprising that symptoms may develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or an injury. The   groin   areas   are   located   on   each   side   of   the   body   in   the   folds   where   the   abdomen   joins   the   legs.   The   pubic   area   lies   between the two groin areas. Groin injuries most commonly occur during: Sports or recreational activities, such as ice hockey, cross-country skiing, basketball, and soccer. Work-related activities. Work or projects around the home. An acute injury may occur from a direct blow, a fall, or from the leg turned in an abnormal position. Overuse   injuries   occur   when   too   much   stress   is   placed   on   an   area.   This   often   happens   when   you   overdo   an   activity   or   repeat   the same activity day after day. Overuse can lead to muscle strains or tears or may cause swelling, such as bursitis. Groin   pain   not   caused   by   an   injury   may   be   coming   from   other   parts   of   the   body   i.e.   radiating,   or   referred,   pain.   Pulled   muscles, ligaments,   or   tendons   in   the   leg   may   cause   symptoms   in   the   groin.   It   is   important   to   look   for   other   causes   of   groin   pain   when   you have not had an injury. An   inguinal   hernia   is   a   bulge   of   soft   tissue   through   a   weak   spot   in   the   abdominal   wall   in   the   groin   area.   An   inguinal   hernia   may need surgical treatment. A sports hernia may affect the same area of the groin in competitive athletes.
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