The type of hip pain you have may help your osteopath determine the cause of your pain. Pain   when   resting   does   not   increase   with   motion   or   standing.   This   type   of   pain   is   usually   caused   by   a   less   severe   problem, unless the pain does not go away or awakens you from sleep. Pain   with   movement   increases   when   you   move   the   hip   or   leg   but   does   not   increase   when   you   stand   or   bear   weight.   This type of pain is most often caused by a muscle injury, inflammation, or infection. Pain   with   weight-bearing   increases   when   you   stand   or   walk   and   may   cause   you   to   limp.   This   type   of   pain   usually   means   you have   a   problem   with   the   hip   joint   itself.   Pain   that   is   severe   enough   to   prevent   any   weight-bearing   is   more   likely   to   mean   a serious bone or joint problem. Pelvic,   groin,   thigh,   or   knee   pain   (referred   pain)   may   be   present   along   with   a   sore,   painful,   or   tender   hip.   Hip   pain   can   have many causes. Pain   is   often   present   after   an   injury,   such   as   from   a   fall,   blow,   or   twisting   movement.   You   may   not   remember   a   specific   injury, especially if your symptoms began gradually or during everyday activities. Overuse   injuries   occur   from   repeating   the   same   activity.   The   repeated   activity,   such   as   running   or   cycling   long   distances, stresses   the   hip   joint   and   may   cause   irritation   and   inflammation.   Examples   of   overuse   injuries   include   irritation   of   the   large   sac that   separates   the   hipbones   from   the   muscles   and   tendons   of   the   thighs   and   buttocks   (trochanteric   bursitis),   irritation   of   the tendons in the hip (tendonitis), muscle strain, and hairline cracks (stress fracture) in the neck of the femur. A   sudden   (acute)   injury   may   occur   from   a   fall   on   the   hip,   a   direct   blow   to   the   hip   or   knee,   or   abnormal   twisting   or   bending of   the   leg.   Examples   of   acute   injuries   that   may   cause   hip   pain   include   a   broken   hip   (hip   fracture)   or   pelvis   (pelvic   fracture), avulsion fracture, dislocated hip, sprained hip, muscle strain in the groin or buttock, or severe bruising (contusion). Pain   that   is   worse   in   the   morning   and   improves   during   the   day   may   be   caused   by   osteoarthritis,   or   rheumatoid   arthritis.   Pain that shoots down the leg from the hip or lower back may be caused by an irritated or pinched nerve (sciatica).
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