Lumbago   is   a   general   term   used   to   describe   pain   in   the   lumbar   region,   or   lower   back.   It   is   defined   as   a   mild   to   severe   pain   or discomfort   in   the   area   of   the   lower   back.   Ranging   in   severity   from   acute   (i.e.   sudden   and   severe)   to   chronic   (if   it   has   lasted   for more   than   three   months)   lumbago   can   occur   in   any   age   group,   but   is   common   among   younger   people   who   engage   in   hard physical work and also among people of retirement age. If you are suffering from lumbago, some or all of the following symptoms may be present: Mild   to   severe   pain   across   the   lower   part   of   the   back   which   sometimes   travels   into   the   buttocks,   the   groin   area   or   down   into the back of the thigh. This pain is usually aggravated by movement. A stiff neck, which is caused by the muscles surrounding the spine going into spasm. Difficulty in bending forward and leaning back. Again this is caused by spasms in the muscles surrounding the spine. There may be a change in posture (e.g. leaning to one side) due to the severe pain and spasms in the lower back. There may sometimes be a tingling sensation or a feeling of numbness in the back, buttocks or down along one or both legs. Identifying   the   exact   cause   of   lumbago   is   very   difficult.   It   can   be   caused   by   a   variety   of   conditions   such   as   a   bulging   disc,   scoliosis (deformation   of   the   natural   curvature   of   the   spine),   osteoporosis   (brittle   bone   disease)   or,   more   rarely,   by   tumours   or   infection   in the spinal area. The majority of those where another cause is not found are believed to be due to muscle sprain.
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