Myofascial pain (muscular pain) refers to pain and inflammation in the body's soft tissues. Myofascial   pain   is   a   condition   that   affects   the   fascia   (connective   tissue   that   covers   the   muscles).   Myofascial   pain   syndrome   may involve   either   a   single   muscle   or   a   muscle   group.   In   some   cases,   the   area   where   a   person   experiences   the   pain   may   not   be where   the   myofascial   pain   'generator'   is   located.   Experts   believe   that   the   actual   site   of   the   injury   or   the   strain   prompts   the development of a trigger point that, in turn, causes pain in other areas. This situation is known as referred pain. Myofascial   pain   may   develop   from   a   muscle   injury   or   from   excessive   strain   on   a   particular   muscle   or   muscle   group,   ligament   or tendon. Other causes include: Injury to intervertebral disc. General fatigue. Repetitive motions. Medical conditions (including heart attack, stomach irritation). Lack of activity (such as a broken arm in a sling). Myofascial   pain   symptoms   usually   involve   muscle   pain   with   specific   "trigger"   or   "tender"   points.   The   pain   can   be   made   worse   with activity   or   stress.   In   addition   to   the   local   or   regional   pain   associated   with   myofascial   pain   syndrome,   people   with   the   disorder   also can suffer from depression, fatigue and behavioral disturbances. Muscles   are   sprained   when   they   are   placed   under   an   excessive   physical   load.   The   sprain   does   not   normally   affect   the   whole muscle,   but   is   usually   confined   to   one   or   two   small   muscles   fibres   within   the   main   body   of   the   muscle.   The   sprain   causes   a   rupture of   a   few   muscle   cells,   producing   initial   pain   and   inflammation,   and   which   usually   settles   within   1   -2   weeks.   During   this   healing period   it   is   possible   to   feel   a   painful   taut   band   within   the   affected   muscle   where   it   has   been   sprained.   This   taut   band   is   often referred to as an active trigger point (TrP).
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