Neck   pain   can   occur   anywhere   in   your   neck,   from   the   bottom   of   your   head   to   the   top   of   your   shoulders.   It   can   spread   to   your upper   back   or   arms.   It   may   limit   how   much   you   can   move   your   head   and   neck.   Neck   pain   is   common,   especially   in   people   older than 50. Most   neck   pain   is   caused   by   activities   that   strain   the   neck.   Slouching,   painting   a   ceiling,   or   sleeping   with   your   neck   twisted   are some   things   that   can   cause   neck   pain.   These   kinds   of   activities   can   lead   to   neck   strain,   a   spasm   of   the   neck   muscles,   or inflammation of the neck joints. You   may   feel   a   knot,   stiffness,   or   severe   pain   in   your   neck.   The   pain   may   spread   to   your   shoulders,   upper   back,   or   arms.   You   may get   a   headache.   You   may   not   be   able   to   move   or   turn   your   head   and   neck   easily.   If   there   is   pressure   on   a   spinal   nerve   root,   you might have pain that shoots down your arm. You may also have numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arm. If   your   neck   pain   is   long-lasting   (chronic),   you   may   have   trouble   coping   with   daily   life.   Common   side   effects   of   chronic   pain include fatigue, depression, and anxiety. You   can   avoid   neck   pain   caused   by   stress   or   muscle   strain   with   some   new   habits.   Avoid   spending   a   lot   of   time   in   positions   that stress your neck. This can include sitting at a computer for a long time. If   your   neck   pain   is   worse   at   the   end   of   the   day,   think   about   how   you   sit   during   the   day.   Sit   straight   in   your   chair   with   your   feet   flat on the floor. Take short breaks several times an hour. If   your   neck   pain   is   worse   in   the   morning,   check   your   pillow   and   the   position   you   sleep   in.   Use   a   pillow   that   keeps   your   neck straight. Avoid sleeping on your stomach with your neck twisted or bent.
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