Overuse   injuries,   otherwise   known   as   cumulative   trauma   disorders,   are   described   as   tissue   damage   that   results   from   repetitive demand   over   the   course   of   time.   The   term   refers   to   a   vast   array   of   diagnoses,   including   occupational,   recreational,   and   habitual activities.   The   impact   of   these   injuries   varies   from   the   occasional   annoyance   to   loss   of   function   as   a   result   of   frank   tissue destruction.   In   many   performing   artists,   musicians,   craftsmen,   and   workers,   loss   of   function   at   even   a   minor   level   can   result   in   a significant loss of livelihood (leading to the various difficulties associated with this loss). The   most   important   factor   leading   to   overuse   injury   is   repetitive   activity,   although   the   specific   type   of   force   leads   to   different outcomes. One   group   of   authors   accurately   described   the   issue   as   "a   culprit   and   a   victim,"   in   which   the   victim   is   the   injured   tissue,   and the culprit is the true biomechanical cause. All too frequently, physicians focus on the victim tissue and not on the culprit. Repetition   is   part   of   the   definition   of   overuse   injury.   The   concept   is   that   overuse   injury   is   associated   with   repeated   challenge without sufficient recovery time. Vibration,   especially   over   long   periods,   has   long   been   shown   to   be   a   factor   in   increasing   the   risk   of   many   injuries   (eg,   lower back pain, intervertebral disk injury, wrist injury). The greater the forces involved, the greater the likelihood of developing an overuse injury. Malpositioning limbs away from their neutral position increases the risk for overuse injury. Multiple   articles   in   dental   and   surgical   literature   emphasize   this   point.   Ergonomics   is   the   field   that   focuses   primarily   on   designing devices   that   lend   themselves   to   good   positioning.   A   massive   increase   has   occurred   in   the   amount   of   ergonomically   designed work equipment, especially keyboards and mice.
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