In   a   relaxed   state,   muscles   do   not   require   much   blood   and   the   supply   of   blood   matches   the   muscle's   demands.   When   the muscles   are   involved   in   rhythmic   contractions,   such   as   during   walking,   running   or   cycling,   the   blood   circulation   to   the   muscles increases   and   matches   the   increased   demands   of   the   muscles   (unless   the   activity   is   very   intense).   When   a   muscle   is   contracted for   a   prolonged   duration,   the   blood   supply   to   the   muscle   is   restricted   due   to   continuous   compression   of   the   blood   vessels   by   the muscle.   At   the   same   time,   the   muscle's   requirement   for   oxygen   has   increased   due   to   the   contraction,   so   the   blood   supply   to   the muscles is not matching the muscles demands. When   this   chronic,   static   muscle   contraction   occurs,   your   body   responds   by   sending   cells   to   the   area   that   will   lay   down   fibrous connective   tissue   within   the   muscle   to   help   re-enforce   and   support   the   muscle.   Over   a   long   period   of   time,   the   muscle   slowly becomes weaker, more ”leathery”, and painful knots or trigger points will develop in the muscle. The   most   common   cause   of   static   muscle   contraction   is   poor   posture.   Poor   posture   can   occur   while   standing,   sitting,   sleeping, playing   sports,   working,   or   doing   hobbies.   The   most   effective   approach   is   prevention,   which   can   be   addressed   by   the   individual or the activity. Individual interventions may include: Postural education for sitting, standing and sleeping. Stretching and strengthening exercises. Nutritional advice. Advice on technique and biomechanics of the activity.
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