Repetitive   strain   injuries   are   among   the   most   common   injuries   in   the   UK.   All   of   these   disorders   are   made   worse   by   the   repetitive actions of daily living. Repetitive   motion   injuries   make   up   over   50%   of   all   athletic-related   injuries   seen   by   doctors   and   result   in   huge   losses   in   terms   of   cost to the workforce. Simple everyday actions, such as throwing a ball, scrubbing a floor, or jogging, can lead to this condition. Repetitive   motion   disorders   develop   because   of   microscopic   tears   in   the   tissue.   When   the   body   is   unable   to   repair   the   tears   in   the tissue as fast as they are being made, inflammation occurs, leading to the sensation of pain.
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