"Tennis   elbow"   is   a   common   term   for   a   condition   caused   by   overuse   of   arm   and   forearm   muscles   that   results   in   elbow   pain.   You don't have to play tennis to get this, but the term came into use because it can be a significant problem for some tennis players. Tennis   elbow   is   caused   by   either   abrupt   or   subtle   injury   of   the   muscle   and   tendon   area   around   the   outside   of   the   elbow.   Tennis elbow   specifically   involves   the   area   where   the   muscles   and   tendons   of   the   forearm   attach   to   the   outside   bony   area   (called   the lateral   epicondyle)   of   the   elbow.   Your   doctor   may   call   this   condition   lateral   epicondylitis.   Another   common   term,   "golfer's   elbow," refers   to   the   same   process   occurring   on   the   inside   of   the   elbow   (what   your   doctor   may   call   medial   epicondylitis).   Overuse   injury can also affect the back or posterior part of the elbow as well. Tennis   elbow   most   commonly   affects   people   in   their   dominant   arm   (that   is,   a   right-handed   person   would   experience   pain   in   the right arm), but it can also occur in the nondominant arm or both arms. Symptoms of tennis elbow include: Pain slowly increasing around the outside of the elbow.Less often, pain may develop suddenly Pain is worse when shaking hands or squeezing objects Pain   is   made   worse   by   stabilizing   or   moving   the   wrist   with   force.   Examples   include   lifting,   using   tools,   opening   jars,   or   even handling simple utensils such as a toothbrush or knife and fork
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