Although   upper   back   (thoracic   spine)   pain   is   not   as   common   as   lower   back   pain,   it   can   cause   significant   discomfort   and   pain when it does occur. The most common causes of upper back pain are muscular irritation (myofascial pain) and joint dysfunction. The   thoracic   spine   is   designed   to   be   very   strong   and   stable   to   allow   us   to   stand   upright   and   to   protect   the   vital   internal   organs   in the   chest.   This   section   of   the   spinal   column   has   a   great   deal   of   stability   and   only   limited   movement,   therefore   there   is   generally little   risk   of   injury   or   degeneration   over   time   in   the   upper   back.   Because   there   is   little   motion   and   a   great   deal   of   stability throughout   the   upper   back   (thoracic   spine),   this   section   of   the   spine   does   not   tend   to   develop   common   spinal   disorders,   such   as a    herniated    disc,    degenerative    disc    disease,    or    spinal    instability.    These    conditions    can    cause    upper    back    pain    but    are exceedingly rare in the upper back. Upper   Back   Pain   can   occur   as   a   result   of   trauma   or   sudden   injury,   or   it   can   occur   through   strain   or   poor   posture   over   time.   As   an example   of   the   latter   cause,   in   recent   years,   upper   back   pain   has   become   a   familiar   complaint   from   people   who   work   at computers most of the day. Often, upper back pain occurs along with neck pain and/or shoulder pain. The   shoulder   girdle   attaches   by   large   muscles   to   the   scapula   (the   shoulder   blade)   and   the   back   of   the   thoracic   rib   cage.   These large   upper   back   muscles   are   prone   to   developing   irritation   (myofascial   pain)   that   can   be   painful   and   difficult   to   work   out.   Often, muscular   irritation   and   upper   back   pain   is   due   to   either   de-conditioning   (lack   of   strength)   or   overuse   injuries   (such   as   repetitive motions).   Muscle   strains,   sports   injuries,   other   injuries   can   all   result   in   pain   from   muscular   irritation.   This   type   of   upper   back   pain   is most amenable to osteopathic treatment.
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