Osteopathy    is    a    regulated    health    profession    specialising    in    the    relationship    between    your    body’s    structure    and    function, recognised   for   its   system   of   diagnosis   and   treatment.   Osteopathy   was   the   first   complementary   medicine   to   achieve   statutory recognition, so be assured of high standards. Benefits of Osteopathy : Osteopathy   is   medically   based   and   proven   successful   in   treating   a   broad   range   of   health   issues   in   general   practice   as   well   as specialist areas. Osteopathic techniques are varied, which means that they can be tailored to each individual patient.  Release muscle tensions using soft tissue stretching techniques.  Improve joint mobility via gentle articulations using mobilisations and manipulations.  Free up restricted nerves using neuromuscular release techniques to relax contracted muscle.  Improve circulation via lymphatic drainage techniques throughout the body, enhance, and boost the immune system. Osteopathy for Work and Leisure : Sometimes   life   can   throw   you   some   knocks.   Osteopathy   can   treat   a   broad   range   of   aches   and   pains   from   work   related   postural problems,   strains   caused   by   over-enthusiastic   work   in   the   home   or   garden,   to   those   long-standing   niggles.   Our   aim   and   approach is   to   get   you   back   to   health   quickly!   For   example   :    Back   Pain,   Joint   Pains,   Neck   Pain,   Wrist   &   Hands,   Sciatica,   Shoulder   Pain,   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Osteopathy for Sports & Fitness : Our   bodies   need   to   be   at   their   peak   to   perform   well.   Injuries   old   and   new   can   prevent   you   participating   in   the   activities   you   enjoy. Osteopathy   can   help   you   return   to   pain   free   sport   and   maybe   even   improve   your   game!   Common   sports   injuries   and   tensions can   be   treated   by   osteopathy   include:   Shin   Splints,   Tennis   Elbow,   Hamstring   Strain,   Knee   Pain,   Groin   Strain,   Runners   Knee,   Ankle Pain, Golfers Elbow Osteopathy During Pregnancy : The   change   that   an   expectant   mothers’   body   undergoes   throughout   the   pregnancy   places   stresses   and   strains   on   all   body   parts. Osteopathy can help prepare the body for birth, ease postnatal discomfort and relieve tensions for mother. Osteopathy for OAPs (Older Active Person) : Whether   it   is   pain   from   arthritis,   preparation   or   recovery   from   an   operation,   or   you   just   want   to   stay   mobile   for   the   grandchildren, osteopathic treatment can help keep you on the move. Rewrite the rules, be an Older Active Person! Osteopathy for Other Areas : Osteopathy can be applied to most areas of the body allowing for relief from conditions that can adversely affect your daily life.
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