Michael Bexson BSc (Hons) Ost I   qualified   in   2009   with   a   BSc   (Hons)   degree   in   Osteopathy   from   the   College   of   Osteopaths,   Middlesex University,   completing   the   course   part-time   over   5   years.   I   am   registered   with   the   General   Osteopathic Council   and   all   major   healthcare   providers,   including   AXA   PPP,   Aviva   &   SimplyHealth.   I   enjoy   treating patients   of   all   ages;   my   approach   considers   the   whole   body   and   is   effective   in   treating   a   wide   range   of conditions. I    work    as    a    Clinic    Tutor    in    the    Teaching    Clinic    and    as    a    Lecturer    for    The    College    of    Osteopaths    BSc    Osteopathy    Degree programme at Staffordshire University. I   also   have   an   Honours   Degree   in   Biology   and   a   Masters   Degree   in   Environmental   Pollution   Control,   working   in   Scientific   Equipment Export   as   a   Company   Director   for   several   years   before   deciding   to   re-train   as   an   Osteopath.   I   became   interested   in   Osteopathy after successfully being treated by an Osteopath for a back injury I sustained following a jet-ski accident on holiday. I   am   interested   in,   and   have   participated   in,   many   sports   and   I   enjoy   weight   training   being   a   former   Schoolboy   and   Under-18 Midland   Weightlifting   Champion   holding   records   at   both   age   groups.   I   also   have   a   1st   Dan   Blackbelt   in   Shotokan   Karate   and   was Captain of the University Karate Club.
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Claire Bowmar BSc (Hons) Ost I   am   a   qualified   Osteopath   and   Sports   therapist   with   a   BSc   Hons   in   Osteopathy   from   The   College   of Osteopaths and an ITEC qualification in Sports Massage. I   have   always   been   a   keen   sports   person   having   trained   twice   a   day   swimming   up   to   national   level,   as well   as   running   up   to   county   level   and   more   recently   competing   and   qualifying   for   the   national   finals   in dressage   on   my   horse.   I   am   a   member   of   the   East   Midlands   Dressage   Group   and   compete   as   often   as   time   allows.   It   was   my riding that led me to Osteopathy in the first place. I   was   not   performing   to   the   level   that   was   required   and   I   realised   that   my   posture   was   affecting   my   performance   and   my   ability   to win.   Osteopathic   treatment   helped   correct   my   posture   problems   and   improve   my   performance.   I   also   found   that   osteopathy again   helped   during   my   pregnancy   when   my   posture   was   changing   and   it   helped   me   to   recover   quickly   following   an   operation that I had last year. I   now   specialise   in   sports   injuries,   biomechanical   and   posture   related   pain   prevention.   As   well   as   treating   sports   people,   I   also   treat pregnant   women,   people   with   arthritis   (my   oldest   patient   being   94!)   and   many   people   who   suffer   with   back   problems   from computer and work related issues.
Welcome   to   Osteopathy   Derby   Ltd   –   Osteopathic   Practice   &   Enjoy   Sport   Ltd   –   Sports   Injuries   Clinic.   Michael   Bexson   and   Claire Bowmar are Registered Osteopaths and practice Osteopathy from their clinic rooms located in Allestree, Derby. Enjoy   Sport   Ltd   has   been   established   for   over   20   years   and   in   April   2010   merged   with   Osteopathy   Derby   Ltd   moving   from   Ash Close,   Allestree   to   the   new   practice   situated   on   Park   Farm   Drive   behind   the   Park   Farm   Shopping   Centre   in   Allestree.   The   practice is ideally placed for access from all areas of Derby, neighbouring towns and villages. There is ample free parking in the Shopping Centre Car Parks located less than 100m from the practice.
Osteopathy Derby Ltd Enjoy Sport Ltd
Osteopathy Derby Ltd - Osteopathic Practice Enjoy Sport Ltd - Sports Injury Clinic Unit 1, Park Farm Surgeries Park Farm Drive Allestree Derby DE22 2RP
Tel: 01332 556 293 Email: info@osteopathyderby.co.uk Web: www.osteopathyderby.co.uk
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