The   term   “Neuralgia”   means   that   you   have   a   nerve   somewhere   in   your   body   that   is   pinched   or   compressed.   A   trapped   nerve can   cause   considerable   pain,   as   well   as   weakness,   numbness   and   other   symptoms   depending   on   the   spot   where   the   nerve   is trapped.   Pinched   nerves   can   occur   anywhere   in   the   body   but   more   typical   occur   in   the   neck,   lower   back   or   mid   back.   Pain   from trapped   nerves   in   these   areas   will   occur   in   other   parts   of   the   body   where   the   nerve   leads   to,   such   as   the   hands,   arms,   legs   and feet. Nerves   normally   become   trapped   when   the   discs   between   the   vertebrae   begin   to   bulge.   The   disc   will   then   compress   the   nerve causing it to get irritated. Trapped   nerves   can   also   occur   in   other   areas   such   as   in   the   wrist   due   to   arthritis   or   carpal   tunnel   syndrome.   Swelling   in   the   joints   of the   wrist   can   trap   a   nerve   causing   numbness   and   pain   in   the   hand.   Enlarged   tissues   such   as   a   lymph   nodes   or   tumours   can compress   a   nearby   nerve   and   cause   symptoms   as   well.   Injury   in   other   parts   of   the   body   can   also   compress   nerves;   this   is   usually due to swelling or breaking of a bone. Inflammation   that   is   caused   by   back   problems,   arthritis   or   swelling   is   usually   treated   with   ice   and   anti-inflammatories.   If   the compressed   nerve   is   not   helped   by   these   measures   then   often   surgery   is   recommended   to   relieve   the   pressure   on   the   nerve,   this   is normally a last resort after other, more conservative treatments have been tried.
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